Oracle expdp/impdp Tablespace name issue

I was moving some imports and exports from one dev server to another dev server the other day and I was getting an error message indicating that the Tablespace names do not match.

So if you find yourself with the need to move a table, schema or whatever from one server to another, make sure the Tablespaces have the same name.


Security Tip: Watch where you click

Be careful where you click.  This is especially true with email.  Most computers are compromised through email.  Email addresses are easy to spoof so the email could even look like it is coming from a friend or even yourself.  Many of these email will just be a link in the body.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

Security: Updates and Patches

Don’t forget to apply your updates and patches!  The easiest way is to setup the automatic update feature.  Microsoft releases its updates/patches on Patch Tuesday which is the second Tuesday of each month, but they do issue important security patches whenever necessary throughout the month.

Just as important, don’t forget to patch other software on your computer.  Believe it or not modern operating systems such as Mac OS X and Windows Vista and 7 are pretty secure so most hackers don’t try to exploit the OS directly.  They instead go after a piece of software that is out of date.  So make sure you patch Adobe, Java, Office, web browsers, etc.

Security tip – Admin Accounts

Quick tip – Don’t use your Admin account as your everyday account.  It is a good idea to create a standard user account as your everyday account.  If you need to do Admin activities like install software you can enter the password for the Admin account at that time.

Oracle Triggers – ORA-00911

This was supposed to be a computer blog.  Sorry about that last rant about baseball.  I can’t promise that will be the last one though.

Should you have to write a trigger in Oracle make sure that your column names do not start with a special character.  You can use ‘#’ as the first character in a column name but I had an issue today where the trigger would create properly.  I was getting ORA – 00911 Invalid Character error.  I renamed the column in question from #_OF_WIDGETS to NUM_OF_WIDGETS and everything worked just fine.

Probably wasn’t the best idea in the world to name my column that way in the first place.


Hello world!

Frustrated O’s fan here!  Too much to post everything.  I just read that MLB is voiding the contract for the 17 year old Korean Seong-Min Kim. Not that I think he would have been a great player,  just more ineptitude.   They can’t even do that right.  We sign Adam Jones for 1 year which indicates that he will only be here for that 1 year.  Why would he sign a long-term deal here when we have little chance to win in the near future.