Oracle expdp/impdp Tablespace name issue

I was moving some imports and exports from one dev server to another dev server the other day and I was getting an error message indicating that the Tablespace names do not match.

So if you find yourself with the need to move a table, schema or whatever from one server to another, make sure the Tablespaces have the same name.


Oracle Triggers – ORA-00911

This was supposed to be a computer blog.  Sorry about that last rant about baseball.  I can’t promise that will be the last one though.

Should you have to write a trigger in Oracle make sure that your column names do not start with a special character.  You can use ‘#’ as the first character in a column name but I had an issue today where the trigger would create properly.  I was getting ORA – 00911 Invalid Character error.  I renamed the column in question from #_OF_WIDGETS to NUM_OF_WIDGETS and everything worked just fine.

Probably wasn’t the best idea in the world to name my column that way in the first place.